The Honest Review of  Vitamix 7500

You might read a lot of reviews of Vitamix 7500 on the internet and surely you do know about the blender and its function, but we here will give you the exact and honest review of the blender because we use it our self for few days and after that we are writing this review.

We do believe in honest and pure review and that cannot be possible without using the product by yourself. We bring the Vitamix 7500 for ourselves and use it for almost 10 days. We did notice and observe each and everything that the blender has to offer. We did see all the pros and cons of the blender and how can it perform with the thick ingredients.

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Vitamix 7500 vs 750

We also keep an eye on the quality of the product and the processing of the machine, after that we are writing this review for our readers so that they can get better understanding of the Vitamix 7500.

So, as we start our review we would like to give you’re a small background of the machine. The Vitamix 7500 is a blender from Vitamix G-series. It has his own counterpart that is Vitamix 750 which is the new addition in the G-series and has few additional features in it but with the increase in price. The Vitamix 7500 can be useful in your home and for a small restaurant and it is easy to use by anyone.

Now, talking about the machine! We bring it in our studio to check and observe it so that we can write the review about it. We use it to its limit and create every possible situation in which any blender can malfunction.

We put a lot of thick stubborn ingredients in the machine, but it blends them easily and smoothly like it was nothing. So we decided to put some extra weight on it and for that we added more of the ingredients in it. It was quite shocking that the blender didn’t stop and continues to process the ingredients without any problem.

The quality of the blender is high and its material is strong enough to hold anything. Also, its base is made up of hardened material which gives it extra stability and makes it less vibrant. Furthermore, the container is made up of plastic-free material that makes it toxicity proof and ensures you to get 0% chemicals in your ingredients and juice you make in it.

We put it blades in water for 2 days and shockingly enough they didn’t get any rust or something on it. Thanks to the stainless steel the blades are totally rust-proof and sharp enough to cut through any ingredient you put in it.

However, the Vitamix 7500 has its own cons which make it a less useful than its counterpart Vitamix 750. But the price of the machine is affordable and when compare with the features of the machine, the price is low in our point of view. Its difficult to get that much features in any machine within this price bracket.

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