Types of Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Though there are alternatives available for losing weight, like following a diet plan, workouts, using weight loss supplements can be an effective method of weight reduction. People should be cautious while choosing these supplements. There are some qualities which an effective weight reduction product should possess. They are,

  1. Suppressing the appetite
  2. Effective Fat Burner

The natural weight loss supplements can be the solution to the obesity issue. Though various diet pills are available around to pick, the natural supplements are an attractive option to choose. Though these are natural we can’t consider being honky dory. The reasons may be the fewer side effects or its availability. Even the diet pills are now packed with the natural supplements like hoodia, glucomannan etc. Among these supplements, the best appetite suppressants are Hoodia Gordonii, Glucomannan, Garcinia cambogia, green tea and African mango.

Hoodia: Scientifically called as Hoodia gordonii. In a research conducted, hoodia is said to contain a molecule called P57. This is said to be stronger than glucose. P57 affects the working of hypothalamus making a person to feel full by suppressing the appetite. It also increases the rate of metabolism by which the fat burning is made possible.

Drawbacks: Safety is unknown as its potential side effects; interactions with medicines have not been extensively studied.

Glucomannan: This is another extensively used natural supplement for losing weight. It can be found in many of the diet pills like Lipozene. It is extracted from the Konjac roots which are found in the regions of Asia. It fights the obesity by suppressing the appetite. In general, glucomannan stands for the nemesis of obesity by absorbing the water and expanding its size in the stomach after it is consumed and creates the effect of satiety. This fiber is found to be extensively used for type2 diabetes, constipation, controlling the levels of cholesterol, blood sugar etc.

Drawbacks: The glucomannan if not used as suggested can cause side effects like bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, gastric problems, difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

Garcinia cambogia: Also known by names such as HCA, the fruit rind of the plant is used for treating the obesity. It is said to prevent the storage of fat and is also works for suppressing the appetite. It also works for decreasing the belly fat. The extract of Garcinia helps to control the cortisol levels in the body by which the stress levels can be controlled.

Drawbacks: It may lower the levels of blood sugar, headache, nausea, skin rashes, digestive tract discomfort can be the side effects.

Green Tea: Produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, its extracts are well known for treating the obesity and other complications like breast cancers, skin cancers. It is also used for protecting the skin from the damage caused by sun and controlling the cholesterol levels. It is very useful when taken moderately. It presence can be noted in various weight loss supplements like avesil etc.

Drawbacks: Green tea extracts contain caffeine which may cause anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, irritability and frequent urination in minor cases.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the listed natural supplements and their drawbacks. Other naturally available supplement is African mango which is loaded with fiber helps in suppressing the appetite. Though the above supplements has side effects, can be considered to be safe if taken under moderation.